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Hydraulic Equipment

Solutions For All Your Hydraulic Tools & Equipment Requirments

Some of the equipment in our Hydraulic tool range are as follows. All available for purchase or rent domestically in China and for international export.

For more details please see the PDF brochure below or contact us with details of your requirments.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • Backup Wrench

  • Accessories


Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

  • HSR Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

  • WST Sub-sea Bolt Tensioner

  • HTE Multiple Cylinder Bolt Tensioner

  • Accessories


Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

  • Electric Pump

  • Pneumatic Pump

  • High Efficient Flow Electric Pump

  • Accessories


Manual Pump

  • High Pressure Hand Pump

  • Super High Pressure Hand Pump

  • Accessories


Super High Pressure Electric Pump

  • Pneumatic Pump

  • Electric Pump

  • Accessories

Hydraulic Pump

  • Electric Pump

  • Pneumatic Pump

Hydraulic Cylinder Jacks

  • Single-Acting Series

  • Double-Acting Series

  • Accessories


Hydraulic puller

  • Hydraulic puller

  • Vehicle Hydraulic Puller

  • Automatic Vehicle Hydraulic Puller

  • Accessories


Specialized Tool

  • Nut broke Cutter

  • Hydraulic sleepers and pump

  • Single acting round steel hydraulic shear and pump

  • Double acting round steel hydraulic shear and pump



  • High Pressure Hoses

  • Impact Socket

  • Hexagon Cassette Reducers

  • Thread Mate

UK Standard Hydralic Equipment - Rent - Purchase

Although UK Standard supply practically any and all equipment our clients could possibly require on their projects, we do specialize in hydraulic tools and equipment.

Our partners are professional manufacturers of a complete range of hydraulic equipment from 70Mpa to 300Mpa operating pressures.

Working closely over the past twenty years with international customers from Europe, the United States and other countries around the world to bring the latest innovations and technology to the global hydraulic equipment market.

Investing in the latest technology research to develop a range of leading specialist hydraulic tools such as high pressure pumps and torque wrenches. Focusing on providing the highest quality products manufactured with state of the art technology, to international quality standards. Innovations developed by a high qualified technical team, to providing world leading products and setting new standards for the term ‘Made in China’ in the world hydraulic tool market.

Available To Suite Your Budget With Purchase Or Rental Options
UK Standard Hydralic Wrench - Rent - Purchase
UK Standard Hydralic Wrench Pump - Rent - Purchase

View our PDF brochure for examples of product range, specifications and details.
Bespoke manufacturing available, equipment offered to clients specific requirements.

UK Standard Hydralic Wrench - Rent - Purchase
UK Standard Hydralic Wrench - Rent - Purchase
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