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UAV - Drone Sevices

The Safer Way,
Saving You Time And Money
  • Qualified and experienced UAV Operators

  • BNUC-S pilot license

  • CAA permission for aerial work and UAV inspection services

  • Fast and flexible approach

  • Backed by industry specific insurance

  • In depth risk assessments and method statements

  • Bespoke services provided on request

Further Applications
  • Oil pipeline inspections

  • Gas pipeline inspections

  • Solar installation inspections

  • Detection of the spread of algae

  • Power line / cable inspections

  • Cooling tower inspections

  • Forestry

  • Critical infrastructure inspections

  • Wind turbine inspections

  • Bridge inspections

  • Counting of animal populations

  • Train line inspections

  • Monument inspections

  • Radiation measurement

  • Radiation monitoring

UK Standard UAV Drone Services

Operating in all sectors where UAV inspections are required.

Providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), drone inspection and drone survey services to the Marine, Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, infrastructure, Resources, Emergency and Security industries. We're renowned for our professionalism and dedication to improving safety, mitigating risk, improving operations and reducing operating costs for our Clients through the use of new technology.

Benefits of using UK Standard UAV services.

UK Standard take operations with unmanned aircraft very serious. Our clients require a reliable and professional supplier for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and aerial imagery. By taking quality and safety seriously, engaging with our clients and local aviation authorities UKS ensures a suitable and safe concept of operations for any mission.

DJI Technology Operational Excellence.

  • Inspire

  • Spark

  • Mavic

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