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Marine, Oil & Gas Division

Supporting Your Projects
In The Shipyard Industry
UK Stadard Marine, Oil & Gas Division
UK Stadard Marine, Oil & Gas Division
UK Stadard Marine, Oil & Gas Division
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Focusing on customer satisfaction, our products are delivered at a lower cost than any other local supplier giving both our customers and ourselves positive business results. The extensive stock we hold in our large warehouse in Dalian, stores over 5000 different items. Which means that we can deliver what you need faster than other local vendors who usually purchase to order.

Time is money, so our motto is "Yesterday Not Tomorrow".
Our dedicated English-speaking staff are experienced to deal with your requirements and determined to serve your every need with 100% focus, regardless of the value of purchase - no job is too small.
We offer reputable brand products and import when necessary as well as providing ideal local alternatives with certification to required standards.

Quality is paramount.

Oil, Gas & Construction

Rich in experience of supplying to construction projects in the marine industry. From raw materials at the beginning of a project to the finishing touches in preparation for delivery.

  • Consumables

  • Tools

  • Lifting Equipment

  • Oils & Lubricants

  • Wire & Cables

  • Hydraulic Equipment

  • Pipe & Valves

  • Fittings

  • Ex Proof Components

  • Fastening Equipment

  • Spare Parts

Shipping Vessels

Providing a fully comprehensive supply service to all types of vessels. Whether docked for maintenance and repairs or simply discharging cargo requiring store replenishment.

  • Provisions

  • Bonded Stores

  • Deck Stores

  • Engine Stores

  • Cabin Stores

  • Electronic/Office Equipment

  • Marine Electronics

  • IT Equipment & Accessories

  • Life Saving Equipment

  • Fire and Safety Equipment

  • Medical Supplies

Shipyard Vendor
Machining & Fabrication

Our steel and alloy fabrication partner's 100,000 square meter plant, has all the latest state of the art machinery and over 700 experienced staff. This means we have the facilities for all your fabrication, modification and machining requirements.
"If you can draw it, we can make it".

  • Specialist steel/alloy certified fabrication and modification

  • Precision machining

  • Small parts and sub-assembly

  • Special services (plating,
    heat treatment, de-burring, etc.)

  • Design & engineering team

  • Newly-expanded sandblasting

  • Ultra sonic weld inspection


  • Painting, coating & plating

  • Certified heavy logistics

  • End to end solutions

  • International standards

Independent Site Security

Secure your site from damage, theft and espionage while also increasing your site awareness and Fire / accident safety.

  • 24-hour independent security teams

  • Trained to UK standard

  • Site and storage secured

  • Routine patrols with digital reports

  • In-out site registry & timekeeping

  • Fire & accident safety

  • Site storage units

  • Furnished site office units


We pledge to provide highly experienced certified crew and tradesmen for shipyard services and offshore work. With the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction through quality services, cost-effective solutions and professionalism, (Certified IRATA / ADCI).

  • Third Party Subcontractors

    • Industry-recognized, certified,
      experienced tradesmen

    • Expat or local personnel

    • All aspects from management to

    • Tool pushing

  • Personnel

    • Project managers

    • Structural foremen & engineers

    • Rigger foremen & personnel

    • Hull treatment foremen &

    • Pipe foremen & personnel

    • Hydraulic foreman & personnel

    • Mechanical foremen & personnel

    • Scaffold foremen & personnel

    • Electricians for installation,
      maintenance and new electrical

    • Coded welders (G6) for electric
      arc, argon and CO2 welding

Import and Export

Fully Licensed allowing us to service all your requirements anywhere in the world. No need to apply for individual license for every shipment enableing us to save you time and money on international shipments.

Tests & Inspections

Our extensive network in China and Asia makes us the ideal 'go to' to arrange your 3rd party tests and inspections. Saving time and expense on all your general industry standard certified tests and inspections, carried out
in compliance with international marine standards and strict HSE.

  • Drone (UAV) Inspections

  • Helideck inspection

  • Thermal imaging

  • Drops inspections

  • Secondary retention

  • Derrick inspection

  • Ultra sonic weld inspection

  • Steel thickness gauging

  • Bolt inspection

  • Sea bed survey

  • Lloyds

  • NDT

  • DNV

  • ABS

UAV (Drone Services)

Providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), bespoke drone services.

  • Qualified and experienced UAV Operators

  • BNUC-S pilot license

  • CAA permission for aerial work and UAV inspection services

  • Fast and flexible approach

  • Backed by industry specific insurance

  • In depth risk assessments and method statements

  • Bespoke services provided on request

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